Camplife at GLTAG


  1. Classes run Thursday morning thru Sunday morning. Event site is open for setting up camps starting Tuesday, August 9 at 8AM, and participants need to arrive by no later than Wednesday, August 10 at 2PM to settle-in before class signup and  dinner which is served at 6PM.

  2. For classes with limited space, signup will happen each evening before or after dinner. Wednesday evening we will have class signup for Thursday opening day classes, Thursday evening we sign up for Friday’s classes, and so on....

  3. Classes with unlimited participation require no signup, just show up at the start time/place.

  4. There are two morning sessions and two afternoon sessions each day Thursday thru Saturday - morning session only on Sunday. There is a break between sessions to move and take care of other tasks.

  5. Classes generally start at 9:15am and break at 12pm for lunch, then afternoon sessions run until evening when dinner is served.

  6. Each evening before class signup we will meet for important announcements.

  7. After dinner there will be time to relax before the start of evening activities, and evening activities run until about 9pm.

  8. A daily schedule will be provided in the check-in packet.

  9. Some workshops may require a fee for materials. Material fees are in addition to the event fee and are paid directly to the instructor at the beginning of the workshop. Material fees are posted with each class description when required.

  10. Deciding how to schedule your class-time is important. It’s really a pretty laid back affair, but with so many classes, activities, and adventures to choose from, prioritizing is key, and you may want to allow yourself some flexibility to enjoy sunsets on the beach, explore the island, and catch up with friends new and old.

  11. Workshops are held around fire pits, under canopies, in the woods, and near the shoreline.

  12. Please take time to review our code of conduct HERE

  13. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Catering is available for purchase directly from the caterer. There is a button on the registration page for purchasing catering.

  2. If you choose the catered option when registering for the event, included meals are: Wednesday dinner only, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday breakfast and dinner, and breakfast only on Sunday, no dinner Sunday. We do recommend the catered option so you can concentrate on enjoying the experience of GLTAG.

  3. You must provide your own plate, bowl, cup, and silverware. We strive to be an eco-conscious event and ask that participants not bring disposable dishes or utensils - dishwashing stations will be available after each meal to clean dinnerware.

  4. If you choose not to purchase catering, you will be responsible for your own meal preparation, and please note that while we will have dishwashing set up for everyone, our open fires are limited to three approved locations and are not for cooking meals - you must bring a camp stove if you cook. Also, there is not enough time bult in to the schedule for driving to restaurants at mealtimes.

  5. Sorry - Catered food service will not be able to serve special needs diets.

The Gathering Shop

The Gathering Shop is our marketplace for participants and instructors to shop for and sell tools, raw materials, books, videos, artwork, wild foods, and traditional crafts. The shop has specific posted hours and is managed by our own friendly store clerk, so participants can spend their time teaching and learning without having to worry about watching and peddling their wares. If you have traditional arts supplies, creations, or related items you would like to sell in the Gathering Shop, we encourage you to bring them with you. 10% of sales at the shop goes to support the expenses of operating the event, so please consider that when setting your prices. 


On Saturday evening we have an auction that starts at 6pm and is open to the public. This is a great time for visitors to come by and check out the event.  In addition, everyone can see the beautiful items up for auction, many of which were created at the event or donated by attendees.

People are encouraged to donate traditional arts related items. In the past, people have donated pottery, textiles, stone arrowheads, arrows, bows, quivers, books, leather goods, etc. All traditional arts related items are gratefully accepted. Proceeds from the auction are used to compensate instructors and help pay for event expenses.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

GLTAG is about land and people. Our rule of thumb is to be respectful to the land and people around us.

Our goal is to leave the event site in pristine condition - so that anyone encountering the site for the first time sees no evidence that hundreds of people have camped there. All efforts to reduce waste and impact are appreciated.

Sorry, no pets are allowed.


We respect all religious beliefs and practices. Due to the diversity of participants’ spiritual beliefs and the nature of this event, we ask that attendees be respectful of our differences as we share our time together.