After a day of adventure, learning, and crafts, enjoy the nightlife with some great acoustic music and storytelling...

Saturday Evening - Main Fire Area

Friday Evening - Main Fire Area

“three-part vocal harmonies, eclectic instrumentation, and a passion for songcraft...”

Sweatin’ inna Summer: Poetry & Performance - Christine Sy

Get your heart, your beats, your heartbeats & rhythms ready for these sessions of poetry & performance on the beach! Join Christine, a poet and fledgling spoken word artist and storyteller, for a few sessions of writing and sharing creative renderings of your own making or those of your favourite writer. Consider this time on the beach to be warm-up sessions for GLTAG’s Really Rambunctious & Rowdy Reading Revelations and Poetry Sweat to happen on Saturday night. What’s a poetry sweat you ask? Come to GLTAG and Christine’s sessions to find out!.