GLTAG NightTime

July 29 - August 2, 2015


After a day of adventure, learning, and crafts, enjoy the nightlife with some great acoustic music and storytelling...

Saturday Evening - Main Fire Area

Friday Evening - Main Fire Area

“three-part vocal harmonies, eclectic instrumentation, and a passion for songcraft...”

Sweatin’ inna Summer: Poetry & Performance - With Christine Sy

Get your heart, your beats, your heartbeats & rhythms ready for these sessions of creative writing & performance on the beach! Join Christine, a poet, fledgling spoken word artist and storyteller, for a few sessions of writing and sharing of creative renderings of your own making. Sharing those of your favourite writer is also welcome as a prelude to sharing your own work and warming up your performative postures. Consider this time on the beach to be fun, stand-alone experiences or as warm-ups and practice for participation in GLTAG’s Really Rambunctious & Rowdy Readings and Poetry-Spoken Word-Storytelling Sweat.

The Really Rambunctious, Rowdy, or Romantic Readings portion of the entertainment will be a place for veteran, emerging, and newbie poets and story-tellers to share their own work whatever the genre or theme. Depending on how many people sign-up, time allotted for reading will range between 3-5 minutes! We’ll follow this up with a Poetry-Spoken Word-Storytelling Sweat.

What’s a sweat you ask?

For those looking to live a little more on the edge, a sweat is an intense, time-limited, and exhilarating adventure in poetic or storytelling creation and performance! Put another way, once you decide if you are up for the challenge and three volunteer judges are determined, a powerful and reality-changing word (or phrase) is serendipitously chosen from a text that will likely magically appear from the crowd or the air! Participants, with word/phrase, pencil and paper in hand, will have a short amount of time to prepare a poem or story (say, 5-7 minutes) and then perform their piece. Why would a person engage is such folly you might ask? Well, creative growth and expression and good time aside, a person may be driven to win the glorious and coveted GLTAG Poetry, Spoken Word, and Storytelling Sweat Prize, of course! The prize, yet to be determined, could be anything. Who knows, maybe a hat or birchbark mug will be passed around for audience donations of lint, buttons, or pocket change to add to the booty! But for now, a little story to give you a sense of what awaits you out here on the edge:

In 2005, not far from the beautiful Drummond Island, Christine, your literary host for the week, happened to win the first poetry sweat she ever participated in for a spoken word poem called “Fast Eddy”. The word that had to be included has faded from memory but it could have been fast, maybe it was shoes, perhaps bonfire, or even leather…

Whatever that word was it inspired her to rise to the occasion and spit her truth passionately and daringly for the audience! She wrote, she read, she shuffled her feet, she ignored the butterflies and sweaty palms. She tied. She performed her piece again.

She won.

Her prize?

Spoken word sweat posterity across the lands, one shiny, navy blue tie with creamy beige polka dots which she has never worn but plans to one day, and last but not least, a sale bin sci-fi book written by Ursula K. Le Guin.

You have to ask yourself, will you dare enter into the fire, knowing you will come out a different person?!